• Freeware!! (No Trial, No Spam)
  • 85 realistic cars!
  • 31 courses!
  • Play against 11 different type of AI cars.
  • Various game modes. (Mission, Quick, Time Attack, Driving School)
  • Easy & Fun physics. (200fps physics)
  • Changeable parts system. (Performance, Exterior, Rim, Accessary, Etc..) 
  • Hiring Crew system. (Driver, Racing Queen...)
  • OpenGL 2.0 support.
  • Supports User Created Content. (modify/add car &tracks)
  • BGM customizability available.
  • Multiple input support.(full key mapping supported)
  • Free to moving, rotating, zooming in replay mode.

System Requirement

CPU : 2Ghz over
HDD : 4G over
Memory : 512G over
VGA : Nvidia 6600 series, ATI x1600 series over (256 VRAM)
OS : Windows 2000, Windows XP over...

CPU : 3Ghz over
HDD : 4G over
Memory : 1G over
VGA : Nvidia 7000 series, ATI x1800 series over (512 VRAM)
OS : MS windows XP over...

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